Gilad House

The regular activity of Appamāda Association takes place at Gilad House, located in the old north of Tel Aviv. We meet at Gilad House several times a week, and recommended that you check the updated schedule on the activity page.

We opened Gilad House in 2016 after the closure of Bhavana House which some of us practiced at for several years under the dedicated guidance of Thor Gonen and Itamar Bashan. Following the yearly visits of the Israeli monk Ajahn Sukhito and with his encouragement, we opened Gilad House to provide a place of support for the development of the Dhamma path in the spirit of the Forest Tradition of Ajahn Chah.

The opening of Gilad House is a recognition of the importance of a communal space based on meditative development and the principles of fellowship, generosity, friendship, patience, and tolerance.

Alongside the regular activities, several times a year we host Ajahn Sukhito at Gilad House and hold daily meetings and practice sessions during his stay.

You are welcome to join us and take part in the activities – our door is open and the tea is ready. Meetings at Gilad House are open to everyone; newcomers and experienced practitioners alike, participation is free of charge with no registration required – Gilad House is supported entirely by dāna, generosity.

Our address is: 2 Gilad Street, Apartment 2, Tel Aviv.