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A few words about the attitude to the teachings in our days

Someone once asked Ajahn Mun: ‘What books do forest meditation monks study?’
His reply was: ‘they study with eyes closed, but mind awake’

The Nun Mae Chee Kaew

In one of the most beloved teachings of the Buddha he stated that ‘timely listening to the teaching’ is one of ‘the highest blessings.’ And indeed studying – by reading or listening – is one of the central aspects in cultivating the path.

Today, in the age of information, it seems the Buddha’s words regarding the ‘timely’ teaching, have become more relevant than ever. Our world is flooded with innumerable Dhamma talks readily available to at any time and any place. And though this a blessing, it also holds within it quite a few disadvantages, and even profound problems.

Just as we learn what is the right amount of nutrition that our body requires, so too we must learn the proper measure of listening to or reading the Dhamma. After all, if we eat too much of even the most healthy and finest food, it will damage our bodies. In the same way, if we take a superficial approach to the study of the Dhamma or consume it, continuously it could impair our understanding and personal development.

Therefore, it is recommended that we be serious and focused when listening to the Dhamma. Above all, we should incorporate the study of the Dhamma into our heart and lives, to investigate and peruse it over a period of time – a number of days, months and years… At times, it is suggested to return again and again to contemplate that which we ‘already know’ – to listen again, to deepen our thoughts and understanding of the Dhamma… Ultimately, listening to teachers is a necessary aspect of the path but applying it and developing spiritually is our responsibility alone.